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Video Critiques- AP World History

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Music And Art- Video

Art and music have played a significant role in early Mediterranian civilizations. They have contributed
much to the culture and how we percieve these people today. Not only is the art beutiful, but also rich with
information about the people of this time through a first-hand account. Art was used to tell stories, record
history, and explain religious beliefs. Music was used for spiritual and leisurely purposes. Many of the works
show evidence of influence from Western Asia and Persia. The styles of the art and music are similar to those
found in these regions.
Paintings of the people of ancient Mediterranian civilizations can be analyzed to draw many conclusions
about the seperation of class at this time. They show people conveyed as powerful or servents to those who sit
above them. They also show reverence for those who are in certain positions. Millitary and royalty are
expressed as people of importance. Symbols or representations of powerful forces- i.e. gods- are also
expressed through art constantly. It is believed that people would tell stories from these pieces. The work
was also used to keep track of history. Stories might have been derived from these recorded historical events
as well.
Music served many purposes for ancient Mediterranian people. It was used for spiritual rituals and for
religious purposes. By observing the art from this time period, we can determine that string instruments, such
as harps were widely used at this point. The melodic songs were probably played at gatherings and in public
places. Music may have played an important role in religious or sacrificial ceremonies. Although musical
evidence is difficult to trace, ancient works of art have made it evident that music did infact play an
important role during this period of time.
The styles of Mediterranian music and art shows a strong resemblence to the music and art of Western Asia
and Persia. The people in paintings are conveyed as having dark hair and features similar to those of Asians
and Persians. Mediterranean people are expressed in sculpture in a way that is almost identicle to those of
Asian decent. Some of the paintings are also more angular than others which shows a relationship to the styles
of Persia and Western Asia.
It is obvious through extensive research that Western Asia and Persia have had a significant amount of
influence upon the Ancient Mediterranina people's styles of music and art. The similarities between the two
may suggest a relationship amongst them at some point in history. The methods were somehow transferred between
them, causing there to be an outcome of a melded method of creating music and art. The two seperate regions
are closely related in this way and show an important amount of growth among different peoples living at this
time in history.

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